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Our Story

Kelly and Barry met in January 2016. Kelly had moved to Tallahassee six months prior from Larkspur, California. Kelly is from northeast metro Atlanta and lived there for nearly 30 years. Barry is a native of Tallahassee, and spent four years in the Army. Here is their story…

They first met when Kelly was in need of a realtor and contractor in Tallahassee. They immediately bonded over common interests in home buying and projects. Kelly liked that Barry was a doer, curious about the world, passionate about life, and ready to accompany her on friends’ trips to Charleston and Colombia (the country). Barry liked that Kelly was career focused, a hard worker, not afraid to get her hands dirty, spontaneous, and a lover of the outdoors. Perhaps most notable of their similarities, was their families, with nearly equally matched siblings and children, and an important place in each of their lives.

Soon after, Barry, Kelly, and Liam (now 12), were spending many fond days together exploring Tallahassee’s attractions on bike, traveling for Kelly’s work, going to the beach with family, and even jumping in the car one Friday night to show Liam snow for the first time. Eventually their common interest in real estate got the best of them with the unique opportunity to combine efforts and resources on a very special home.

They are thrilled to share this home and their union with you on November 21st, 2020.
Erin Deegan